Food & Lodge


Spicy chillies and cheese blended with a wide variety of vegetables are found on many bhutanese menus. BTS chooses restaurants and hotels that prepare food more suitable to western taste ranging from Continental to Chinese and Bhutanese to Indian. The choice is yours to eat in hotels or restaurtants that are suitable and hygienic.

Most hotels in Bhutan are standard hotels approved by Tourism Council of Bhutan. Although the best standard hotels cannot be compared with international hotels, all offer the necessary facilities and are properly maintained. There are Deluxe Hotels and Luxury Hotels available in Thimphu and Paro and a few in other places at additional costs above the minimum tariff Hotels in western Bhutan and central are better facilitated, while accommodation establishments in the central and eastern part of the country are more modest with basic amenities.

The hotels used for tourist in Bhutan are approved by the Department of Tourism. The hotels standard varies from place to place and the standard tends to get more basic towards central and eastern Bhutan. Most of the hotels have attached bathrooms with western style toilet pots and hot shower. Most western tourists seem to like the accommodations which have a very colourful Bhutanese architecture. While we use the best available hotels and early booking of the tour with us will help us to get the best hotels.

We can also make arrangement for “Five Star Deluxe” tour our guest with night lodges in Aman Resorts of the Aman chain of resorts or Uma Resort of the Como groups of hotels from UK at a different rate which will be advised to you later in the process of correspondence along with the entitlements.

While on treks, we will choose the best available routes and campsites. Our camping equipments are of high quality and well maintained. You will be accompanied by a guide and a dedicated support team to help setup camp, transport baggage & camping equipment and prepare hot and delicious meals.
All accommodations used by BTS are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan and you can be sure that the accommodations in lodges, guesthouses, smaller hotels and camps are the best available.


We have a fleet of Toyota Coaster buses seating 18-20 people and smaller vans seating 2 to 5 people. We also use Korean and Japanese cars for one or two guests. All our vehicles are well maintained, comfortable, safe and are designated “no-smoking”. Our drivers are competent professionals with over 10 years of driving experience on the small winding roads of Bhutan.